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Unleashing My Superpowers is a 100 Days Campaign with 30 diverse most powerful, inspirational Women: in C-Suite in STEM and those in the midst of the male dominated work places and making an impact.
12 nationalities across the globe
30 Interviews so far completed
4 Volunteers and self funded
All supporting 
360 hours spent so far
100 days of campaign
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Are you a woman in STEM and feeling stuck and wondering how other women are navigating the male dominated workplaces? Unsure about your NEXT STEP in your career? You are not alone! 

Having spent more that 25 years in the mining industry where i climbed the corporate ladder from being a PhD Researcher in Mineral Processing up to Vice President Level. 
In addition, selected the most influential woman in Business and Government in the mining industry in South Africa and the whole Southern African regions, i decided to share my story in a book of Peak Performance strategies to succeed in a male dominated environment. 
My career started in the mining industry where I have worked all around the globe. I am passionate about increasing women leadership and participation; and enhancing women’s economic empowerment through entrepreneurship. Like so many people, I was a high achiever, rising up the corporate ranks, but started feeling unfulfilled in my career. Once I understood fully my true values and that true fulfilment has to come from within, I created a new chapter in my life.

Over the course of my professional career, I transitioned through a number of careers and industries, working myself up to VP level for a global mining company. I had the opportunity and privilege to work in various roles in my 20+ years’ experience: in senior leadership roles and mainly as a Business Strategist and Sustainability Expert etc
I was fortunate that i was selected for the International Women Forum Fellows Programme for 2018-2019. This allowed me to start the amazing journey of self-discovery, personal growth and development. The Programme selects 36 powerful leaders across the globe and they attend 3 sessions spread over an 8-month period including sessions at Harvard, Insead Business Schools. This impactful Programme allowed me to reflect, be vulnerable and started to see where I was stuck, triggered and insecure.
Attending other impactful development conferences , helped me to heal so that I could become my best self. I took the time to get to know me and found what I love to do. By connecting with my true self and inner wisdom, I’m able to feel more courageous and have found more meaning in my life.

One of the greatest lessons I learned along the way is that to be successful, it starts with Leading Self, which is about our mindset. Then leading and inspiring others, then finally creating Peak Performance businesses or careers. Today, my life and work is to serve others hence the birth of my Peak Performance with Patience Executive Leadership Coaching. I have also learnt that as a leader, there is a time to succeed and a time to fail, a time to be confident and a time to be humble. I owe everything I am today to the difficult and painful times I have gone through. In challenging times like now with the COVID-19, we need more leaders with courage, empathy and grit, to re-invent ourselves and unleash our teams potential.

Are you a women/male/anyone in a STEM profession struggling to navigate the male dominated workplace?
Are you an organisation that wants to improve diversity and inclusion in your workplace so that everyone feels heard, respected, included? 
Are you struggling to get people to work together from a diverse group?
Hence this book is for you!!

In this book, i share my personal story on how i navigated the male dominated workplace (the mining industry) to unleash my superpowers as a woman who has worked for more than 20 years. You will cry, laugh and most of all know that you too can unleash your Superpowers.  I have also interviewed over 30 C-Suite successful women in STEM across the globe on what it takes to achieve in male dominated workplaces and have come up with Key strategies and insights that will help you to Amplify The Performance Of Your Career While Tearing Down The Barriers That Are Constantly Holding You Back From That NEXT LEVEL Promotion!  Click on the button below to secure your book!!!

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